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Benefits that can be obtained by DevOps

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Devops has brought many benefits to IT companies, as expected. If it were not so, DevOps would not have become a mantra on the lips of some IT professionals, HR and marketing (That’s right! Companies, seizing the moment, they are selling products “install” DevOps. Here we understand better what DevOps is not).

Some of the benefits obtained by the adoption of DevOps are easy to identify and measure. Others not so much. And there are always things that are difficult indeed to quantify. In addition, some benefits may be obtained in some times and not in others. It all depends on what is being done and especially of how it is being done.

What to do and how to understand what is the DevOps culture and have a structured, organized and incremental depends on the company’s objective, what has already been deployed, how much you want to deploy.

To make this as painless as possible, it is recommended that before everything to do a study with accompanying someone who already has experience in mapping, training and deployment DevOps practices.


Benefits List

Below, some of the many benefits that have been identified by teams that I had contact. All cited below, in greater or lesser degree, occurred after the adoption of DevOps culture:

  • Improved quality and frequency in deployments;
  • Total domain of that is deployed in each of the environments;
  • Decrease in flaws in the develpment and deployment process;
  • Decrease mean time to recover (MTTR);
  • Standardization of development environments;
  • Reduction in total development cycle time;
  • Reduction in cost and time in testing;
  • Reduction of defects found in production;
  • Reduction in total cost of infrastructure;
  • Improve of communication, understanding, cooperation and integration between teams;
  • Rapid cycles of package deliveries;
  • More efficient and effective bug fixes;
  • Improved reliability in software/service;
  • Improved availability and performance of the software and thus on the user experience;
  • Decrease the complexity of the software;
  • Ease in managing geographically distributed teams;
  • Reduced idle times;
  • Less risk for in new release;
  • Increase the efficiency of the teams;
  • More capacity to understand the demands of the business;
  • Ability to solve problems proactively, before they cause real impact on the business;
  • Cost reduction as a result of the efficiency, reduction of bugs, reduced downtime, etc;
  • Total perception of the state of the production environment;
  • Improved code quality;
  • Quick response to incidents;
  • Better organization of the teams.

You may ask: “But it is possible that only DevOps has so many benefits? Are not you overreacting?

Yes, it is possible! That’s because DevOps is not a tool. Devops is not a good practice or methodology. Devops actually includes TENS tools, best practices and methodologies. And the benefits that each of them brings are sufficient to assure you that.

Devops just ties it all together. It makes these benefits to join each other, creating further benefits!

Devops is teamwork! It’s put into practice things that everyone knows they should do but do not. It’a stop using sticks and stones and move to take advantage of the tools and technologies that exists towards the same goal: to deliver a product/service with more quality than expected, at lower cost and delay.

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    Great post, most informative, didn’t realise devops were into this.

    Tuesday November 1st, 2016

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